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Bed Bug Treatment in California

Bed bugs can happen to anyone, especially in large cities like Los Angeles.  These pests are gifted hitchhikers, finding their way into homes on clothes, in luggage, or on furniture. Bed bugs have earned the nickname “Vampires of the Insect World,” because of how they feed on human blood while we sleep! No one wants these pests in their home, so if you happen upon them, call Round the Clock for fast removal by our Los Angeles bed bug specialists

When you choose us for bed bug treatment services, we will:

  • Perform a thorough K9 bed bug inspection that pinpoints these insects and gives us an idea of the extent of the infestation.
  • Vacuum up live bed bugs wherever we can easily access them.
  • Heat treat your home using specialized heaters that can raise the temps as high as 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat kills bed bugs at every stage of their lifecycle.
  • Re-inspect with our K-9s in 7-10 business days after the initial treatment to ensure bed bugs are completely gone.
  • Send you a full report of our findings and treatment.
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Why Use Bed Bug Inspection Dogs?

Canines have earned their keep as bomb sniffers, drug snoopers, and now bed bud detectives. With 90% accuracy (compared to a human’s ~30% accuracy) dogs are the most accurate way to determine if you have bed bugs. Our Bed Bug Detection Canines undergo daily training to keep them on top of their game. Additionally, our bed bug company program is certified by a third-party organization called the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, so you know our dogs are qualified.

Dogs are the best option for sniffing out bed bugs because of their:

  • Accuracy - Dogs have 50 times the olfactory receptors as humans, and can tell the difference between live and dead bed bugs by scent. If they alert, there’s a 90% chance they have accurately found bed bugs.
  • Efficiency - Finding bed bugs without dogs requires technicians setting up monitoring stations throughout your home, which then must be checked over days and weeks, slowing the diagnosis time significantly. In minutes, a trained canine can determine whether bed bugs are present in a room.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Because canines are so efficient, it reduces the amount of time technicians spend inspecting a home, reducing the cost for customers.

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Our NESDCA Certified Canines

Bed Bug Detection Team Accredited

All of our dogs are certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA), a third-party certifying organization that upholds the highest standards of canine scent detection. A NESDCA certification represents the gold standard of quality for insect-sniffing dogs, which is why we are so proud that each of our bed bug dogs hold this certification!

The Power of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

While conventional bed bug removal methods involve the use of chemicals, steam, and multiple treatments, our heat treatment is family-safe, takes only a few hours, and allows you to safely return to your home the same day as the treatment. At temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs dry out and die within minutes, so we heat your home to around 135 degrees to eliminate eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs in one fell swoop.

Here is how our heat treatment for bed bugs works:

  1. We arrive with our custom-built bed bug treatment truck, which houses a sound-proofed generator to power multiple heaters from the street.
  2. We set up specialized heaters that slowly raise the temperature in your home to 135 degrees (but don’t exceed 140). The gradual increase in heat protects your belongings and drywall while also attracting bed bugs to the heat source.
  3. We place industrial fans throughout your home to circulate the heat to every nook and cranny where these insects hide—places that would be missed by conventional treatment methods.
  4. We hold the heat constant from 1 to 8 hours, monitoring the whole time to be certain the heat kills bed bugs in every reach of the home.
  5. You can safely return to your home the same day as heat treatment!

Our 8-heater system and truck can treat a home with as much as 2,800 square feet in 6-8 hours, and we can treat even larger spaces with special techniques. Heat treatment is safer for humans, typically works the first time, and requires far less preparation on your part. We stand behind heat treatment because we’ve seen it work effectively for more than 15 years.

Pros and Cons of Different Bed Bug Treatments

Over the years, the pest control industry has developed multiple ways of treating bed bugs, some of which are more favored than others. Here is a short summary of the various methods of getting bed bugs out of a home or business, as well as their pros and cons.

Chemical Insecticide 

Since the ‘70s and ‘80s, a few different forms of pesticides have been used to treat bed bugs. Some insecticides kill bed bugs by causing neural misfires while other products dry them out. 

  • Pros
    • Affordable
    • Readily Available
    • Generally effective
  • Cons
    • Success hinges on the diligence of the technician
    • Requires much preparation and heavy lifting prior to treatment
    • Is less effective in cluttered houses

Steam Treatments

Steam kills bed bugs and eggs on contact and can be very effective when carefully applied. Commercial environments with simple designs (such as in hospitals) better lend themselves to steam treatment than residential settings.

  • Pros
    • Non-chemical
    • Accessible for most people to do themselves
    • Kills on direct contact
  • Cons
    • Easy to miss insects or eggs


Pumping a gas into a room to kill all life in that space has also been proven to treat bed bugs.

  • Pros
    • Practically 100% effective
  • Cons
    • Doesn’t prevent future infestations
    • Is expensive and labor intensive

Cryonite® (Rapid Freeze)

This treatment involves freezing bed bugs by spraying them with cold carbon dioxide that comes out as “snow.”

  • Pros
    • Affordable
    • Works in some crevices
  • Cons
    • Requires direct contact to kill bed bugs, so diligent application is necessary

24-Hour Emergency Bed Bug Treatment

Pests never rest. And neither do we. If you need pest control in a pinch, you can count on our 24-hour emergency service to help you when you most need it! That’s the Round the Clock difference.

We provide Round the Clock bed bug treatment to:

  • Residential Homes
  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Property Management Companies
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Dormitories & Barracks
  • And More!

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Round the Clock has you covered for all your pest control needs up and down the Pacific Coast of California. We’ve been in the industry since 2003, so we’ve had almost two decades to perfect the art of fast, effective, and ongoing pest control treatments.


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I had a terrible time with pests and reached out to many companies to handle this. I stumbled upon round the clock and was immediately wowed by the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. DeeDee was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with everything. I would highly recommend this company for any of your pests control needs.

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The team at Round The Clock is professional, friendly, and are great communicators. They do a great job keeping our property clear of pests.

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