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Pest Control in Ventura, CA

Have you tried every DIY and store-bought treatment and pests are still finding their way into your home? Each pest requires a different approach and treatment method, so it can be hard to completely eliminate your pest problem without a professional. Round the Clock Pest Control is committed to providing unparalleled pest control services in Ventura. We strive to protect our community by eliminating pests that are both bothersome and potentially dangerous. 

Our pest control services in Ventura include:

  • Full pest inspection by our qualified exterminators.
  • Customized treatment plan and quote.
  • Effective treatments that will eliminate pests in your home. 
  • Your choice of one-time or recurring service.

Integrated Pest Management Strategy 

Are you worried about the impact of pest treatments on your family’s health and the environment? Round the Clock utilizes an integrated pest management strategy that minimizes the impact of pest control treatments on the environment and humans. Our team of pest experts from Los Angeles will consult you on what steps to take to prevent pests from coming into your home, creating less of a need to use harsh chemicals. 

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Bed Bug Treatment in Ventura

Bed bugs strike fear into the hearts of property owners everywhere, not to mention that these blood-sucking insects can disrupt your serenity and sleep. Bed bugs are also stealthy enough to sneak into your home via your purse, furniture fabric, and luggage. 

Round the Clock Pest Control offers highly-effective one-time treatments that get rid of bed bugs so you can enjoy your evenings again. When you call on our bed bug exterminators, you can expect:

  • A highly-accurate K9-supported inspection to identify affected areas.
  • Specialized heat treatment that eliminates all bed bugs regardless of their life stage.
  • Vacuuming of any live bed bugs we can access.
  • A follow-up K9 inspection 7-10 days after treatment to ensure all bed bugs are gone.
  • A full report from inspection to completion.

At Round the Clock, our phone lines are open 24/7 so we’re here for you even if bed bugs are keeping you up at night. Get your rest back by scheduling your cutting-edge K9 bed bug inspection today!

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Rodent Control in Ventura, CA

Rodents can be a menace, carrying diseases, causing extensive damage, and making your home feel unsafe. Attempting to get rid of them on your own once they're already in your home can be a huge hassle, but Round the Clock Pest Control can handle your rodent problem in no time at all. We have some of the best technicians and rat exterminators, which is why our services will give you peace of mind.

We'll Help Take Your Home Back

if you want the pests gone from your house for good, there is no one better to handle the job than us. Our rodent control services are highly effective and safe for you and your family, leaving you with no worries. Our rat and mouse control package we provide includes: 

  • An initial inspection for rodents and damage detection. 
  • Baiting and trapping set up throughout the home to catch rodents. 
  • Rodent removal and rodent-proofing so the pests don't get back in. 

We want to leave you happy in a rodent-free home, so contact us today and we’ll get one of our expert technicians down there to protect and guard your home in Ventura, CA! 

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5 Star Review

My husband and I are beyond thankful for Round the clock especially during this pandemic we appreciate our technician Michael Encinias for following the safety protocols and always wearing a mask we truly couldn't be more please with this company.

Anthony Ramirez10
5 Star Review

Excellent job done by Mike thank you for your service

Romeo Amaya
5 Star Review

The team at Round The Clock is professional, friendly, and are great communicators. They do a great job keeping our property clear of pests.

We appreciate your ongoing service!

Kri Baldwin
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