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Bed Bug Treatment in San Francisco

Do not let bed bugs infest your home! If you live in a large city like San Francisco, bed bugs can easily find their way into your home through clothes, luggage, or furniture. If you spot these unwanted guests, contact Round the Clock for swift removal by our bed bug specialists.

When you choose us for bed bug treatment services, we will:

  • Perform a detailed K9 bed bug inspection to locate the insects and determine the extent of the infestation. Using dogs to sniff out bed bugs is THE most accurate way to know if you have an infestation. 
  • Use vacuums to remove live bed bugs where they can be easily accessed.
  • Heat treat your home using specialized heaters that can reach temperatures of up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life.
  • Eco-friendly treatments that allow you to return to your home within hours of treatment (unlike chemical-reliant bed bug treatment). 
  • Re-inspect with our K-9s 7-10 days after the initial treatment to confirm that all bed bugs are gone.
  • Provide you with a full report of our findings and treatment.
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24 Hour Emergency Bed Bug Treatment in the Bay Area

Rapid response is key. We recognize that bed bugs and other pests don’t adhere to standard business hours and neither, do we! Our technicians are trained in the latest application methods and use only the most effective solutions to address your pest problem quickly and safely.

We provide bed bug treatments for: 

  • Residential Homes 
  • Property Management Companies 
  • Dormitories & Barracks
  • The Hospitality Industry 
  • Health Care Facilities
  • And More!

Bed bugs are an unnerving pest to find in your home, and for good reason. They feed on you in your sleep and are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help. We encounter bed bugs in the San Francisco area all the time, and as a result, have our bed bug treatment down to a science. Contact us today and we'll make sure to get a bed bug specialist to your home ASAP.

Why Use Canine Inspection for Bed Bug Services

Accuracy is essential when it comes to bed bug detection. To build the best line of defense against a bed bug invasion, you need the skills of highly trained canines at your disposal. Dogs are the most accurate way to inspect a potential bed bug invasion with 90% accuracy (compared to humans with 30% accuracy). 

Benefits of using canine bed bug detection: 

  • Accuracy: With their powerful noses, dogs make highly reliable detectors of bed bugs. Through scent alone, they can distinguish between live bed bugs and dead ones with an accuracy rate of 90% when alerting.
  • Efficiency: Dogs dramatically speed up the process of finding and eliminating bed bugs; in fact, using them is up to 50 times faster than relying exclusively on monitoring stations to find the pests
  • Cost-effectiveness: This efficiency translates into considerable savings for customers; thanks to their incredible sense of smell, teams don't have to spend nearly as much time searching inside homes or businesses to find infestations of bed bugs.

Our dogs are carefully chosen and put through rigorous training programs to ensure their abilities meet the strictest standards in terms of accuracy. Furthermore, they have been certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, a third-party organization that upholds the standards for canine scent detection. 

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Heat Treatment for Safe & Affective Bed Bug Removal

The Bed Bug Heat Treatment offers a family-friendly solution. It is quick and efficient, with the whole process only taking a few hours. Temperatures are raised to 135 degrees Fahrenheit which quickly incinerates bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs in minutes; allowing you to safely return to your home the same day after the treatment.

How are heat treatment service works: 

  • We arrive with a truck equipped with a sound-proofed generator to power multiple heaters.
  • We set up specialized heaters in your home to slowly raise the temperature to 135 degrees (but don't exceed 140) in order to protect your drywall and belongings. 
  • We place industrial fans throughout your home to circulate heat to every possible hiding place. 
  • The heat is held at a constant level from 1 to 8 hours so that it reaches every nook and cranny where bed bugs can hide.
  • You can return home the same day as the heat treatment has been done.

Get $100 Off Your Next Bed Bug Treatment!

Heat treatment is a safe and effective method for dealing with pest infestations in homes of up to 2,800 square feet. Our 8-heater system and truck can treat the space within 6-8 hours, and even larger spaces can be treated using specialized techniques. We’ve been using heat treatment for more than 15 years, and stand by its effectiveness.

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5 Star Review

My husband and I are beyond thankful for Round the clock especially during this pandemic we appreciate our technician Michael Encinias for following the safety protocols and always wearing a mask we truly couldn't be more please with this company.

Anthony Ramirez10
5 Star Review

Reliable honest company. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Tony Vega
5 Star Review

Highly recommend round the clock. If you ever need anything done request Michael Encinias he’s quick and professional.

Savannah Ramirez
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