24 Hour Pest Control in San Francisco, CA
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24 Hour Emergency Pest Control

Pests don't rest after 5 pm, and neither do we. We offer 24-hour phone lines so you can get in touch with us when pest emergencies strike.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can rest easy knowing you're backed by our service promise. If you're not 100% satisfied with your service, we'll retreat for free!

Pest Control in the San Francisco Bay Area

Though it seems like a tech-savvy city like San Francisco’s wouldn’t have problems with pests, that’s not the case! Most people don’t have time to deal with pests, which is why we’ve specialized our pest control services to get rid of them safely, efficiently, and effectively so you can get back to more important things.

Our licensed and highly trained exterminators in San Francisco can take care of:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Bee and Wasps
  • Birds
  • Rodents 
  • Termites 
  • And more!

Professional Service No Matter What

The best way to serve our customers is to equip our team members for anything they might come across. Our exterminators in San Francisco are licensed by the state and undergo regular training so they can perform high-quality and minimally disruptive pest control. 

When you choose Round the Clock for pest control in San Francisco, we will:

  • Conduct a full pest inspection to determine the type and extent of the infestation.
  • Create a custom treatment plan and estimate so you know exactly what to expect before service even begins.
  • Treat your home or business, eliminating pests from the space.
  • Back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you have peace of mind.
  • Treat once or on an ongoing basis, depending on your preference.
  • Give you back a pest-free space!
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Our Pest Control Guarantee

When you pay for a service, there should be no question in your mind whether that service will solve your problem. That’s what we believe, at least! We back all of our pest services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we will return and perform the service again at no extra cost!

Commercial Pest Control in San Francisco

Pests can throw a huge wrench into your business plan—from marring a company’s reputation to harming employees or customers. Our commercial pest control services in San Francisco will protect your customers, employees, and business as a whole by keeping pests away.

We offer commercial pest services in San Francisco to:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Warehouses and industrial facilities

Rodent Control in San Francisco

Rats and mice live wherever humans do, which unfortunately includes San Francisco. Although these critters can look cute, they do far more harm than good by transmitting diseases and damaging homes with their non-stop chewing. If you’ve found signs of rodents in your home or business, contact Round the Clock to get rid of them safely and efficiently before they breed.

As part of our rodent control services in San Francisco, we offer:

  • Rodent detection with trained rodent-sniffing dogs.
  • Rodent baiting and trapping, placing bait/traps in places where rats and mice frequent, but out of reach of your pets and children.
  • Exclusion and rodent-proofing - We will seal the exterior of your home, including foundation cracks, gaps in siding, and holes around utility piping, so that rats and mice can’t get in—the best deterrent to a new infestation.
  • Our robust rodent warranty - guarantees our rodent control for 3 months and our rodent exclusion for 3 years!

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Mosquito Control In San Francisco

Warm weather is one of the great advantages of living in San Francisco. But it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when mosquitoes are never too far behind. Coping with crowds of mosquitos may seem inevitable, but a reliable mosquito treatment program can keep them at bay to protect your home and family.  

At Round the Clock Pest Control, we offer thorough mosquito control so that you can safely enjoy your yard again. When you call on us for mosquito treatment, you can expect:

  • A full inspection to determine where mosquitoes like to congregate.
  • Targeted fogging that eliminates live mosquitoes.
  • Residual treatment that disrupts the mosquito life cycle for lasting protection.
  • Guidance from one of our highly-trained exterminators on how to reduce mosquito habitats in your yard.
  • All-natural products that get the job done while staying eco-friendly.

You’ll also have our 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll re-treat your yard for free.

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Better with Integrated Pest Management

Instead of relying solely on chemicals, we use our knowledge of the biology of pests to keep them away. This is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and often looks like keeping a clean house, removing pests’ access to food and water, and creating physical barriers to entry in your home. Since IPM was introduced, it has dramatically reduced the number of chemicals used in pest control, which is good for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to practice IPM in our services.

Check out our bed bug treatment in San Francisco!

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5 Star Review

When i called i talked to Dee Dee .. she was very professional and honest you tell her what ur problem is and she makes the appointment right away. No BS she is very nice and she actually listens..

sharlene aguilar
5 Star Review

Carlos RTC Technician is very professional and wonderful every time I have worked with him. He is efficient, knowledgeable, and concise when it comes to service! He communicates great with the staff and residents and is always ready to come to the property to take on whatever challenges he may encounter.

He is AMAZING! Keep up the good work Carlos!!!

Kodee Ramey
5 Star Review

1 time service and problem resolved excellent work and knowledge.

Miguel Iacono
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