About Us

Round the Clock Pest Control, Inc.

We’ve been serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Southern California since 2003. We’ve since expanded our operation to serve the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company with an array of highly trained and experienced technicians in all of our service areas—including NESDCA-certified bed bug-sniffing service dogs!


Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices

We practice an approach to pest control called Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, that leans on common-sense solutions to pest control. We begin with an inspection, followed by identification, and then treatment. Often, treatment is as simple as physically keeping pests out by sealing up cracks in a building’s foundation or by removing sources of food and water that attract pests to a home. This more holistic approach means we resort to chemical pest control far less frequently, protecting you and your family.

Some common pest control solutions include:

  • Regularly cleaning your home.
  • Doing dishes directly after every meal.
  • Ensuring leaky pipes and faucets are fixed.
  • Frequently emptying trash containers.
  • Using trash receptacles that seal tightly.
  • Storing pantry items and pet food in sealed containers.
  • Filling cracks and holes in your home’s foundations.

In a nutshell, pests only come to your home because it gives them 1) food, 2) water, and/or 3) shelter. The IPM approach focuses on removing the access pests have to these necessities, which makes your home far less attractive to any species of pest. If none of these actions succeed in resolving pest issues, then chemical sprays can aid in deterring pests.

5 Star Review

This is the absolute best company! They are always thorough and considerate. The dog is professional and cute too! Having this company do an inspection is a must if you have an Airbnb. I didn’t have bed bugs but just knowing that for sure is worth peace of mind.

Lisa Long
5 Star Review

Ray and Toby came to do a Bed Bug inspection after my apartment had been sprayed by another company. I wasn't fully convinced the bed bugs were gone. Toby doing a thorough check and finding no bugs, let me finally relax after a long and challenging battle with beg bugs. It also helped that Toby is super cute. If I ever get beg bugs again (and I REALLY hope I don't). I'll call Ray and Toby first.

Susan Michlalek
5 Star Review

Effective service at reasonable price. Very nice to work with. Would recommend to everyone

Danielle Bennett