Thank you Round the Clock for being the first company that I can say knows what they are talking about. Your staff is not only very professional but can actually answer my questions wit out transferring me to a voicemail or automated system. You helped me with my rodent problem and gave me great preventative recommendations. 
— Natalie V., Santa Clarita, Ca

I highly recommend Robert and his adorable Toby. Robert is very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. He explains all aspects of the situation in detail. He also explains what Toby is doing which makes the entire process very transparent. Robert’s knowledge brought clarity and comfort to a very stressful situation. I highly recommend follow up appointments with Toby if you have had an infestation – it’s worth the money for the peace of mind!
— N.R., Los Angeles , Ca

We called Robert with Round the Clock and utilized his bed bug canine Toby to ensure we did not have any such bugs in our San Diego home since something bit me a few times at night and we had a plethora of visiting relatives over the past year. Robert promptly made the trek from LA and was extremely knowledgeable; his beagle Toby was very professional (and cute). Luckily, we did not have any bed bugs but I learned a lot about this pest when speaking to Robert. A spider is our likely culprit. We also own some rental properties and will definitely utilize Toby in the future to be proactive in the prevention of and/or eradication of bed bugs. It’s scary to think how prevalent these bugs are becoming regardless of your level of cleanliness. My dry cleaner thinks he may have them at home since he spotted a suspicious bug on his bed at night so I referred him to RTC and Toby. I’d highly recommend this company.
— Carol B., La Jolla, Ca

Thank you Round the Clock for taking care of our rodent problem. I called many different companies and you were the only one who took care of my rat problem. Your technician was here on time and he was very professional. He went over what he found and gave me some great preventative tips. He came back as promised to check the traps he set, and was very understanding that I didn’t want to see the ones caught. Thank you Round the Clock for working with my busy mom schedule you guys are the best. I’m a customer for life.
— Tracy B. , Beverly Hills, CA

Robert came with their dog Toby and found our bed bug problem. Something that many other companies were unable to do. Showed us were the bed bugs were hiding and treated our house two days later. We have been bed bug free for 2 months now. Thanks Robert and Toby!!! I will definitely use them again in the future……………………………..
— John G., Santa Clarita

With great stress and concern I contacted Robert and “Toby”. From the moment Lisa at his office answered the call to their prompt arrival , this company does much to alleviate your concerns, provide education and information, and assist in “searching” your home. Luckily no bed bugs were found but I feel confident that I have a Team in place if that day ever arrives.
— Marina C, , La Canada Flintridge, Ca

Thank you to Toby the Bed Bug Dog and Robert, I was impressed with the knowledge and work ethic. You both gave me peace of mind and the tools to help me know what to look out for in the future when it comes to Bed Bugs. Round the clock was the ONLY Company that gave me actual information instead of taking my info and having someone call me back. I know that I can always count on you, Thank you Round The Clock you are #1.
— Mycka M., Pasadena, Ca

We had been getting bit up by something for months. My wife and son have been bit up the most. We had no idea that we were dealing with BED BUGS until Robert came out with Toby there BED BUG sniffer dog. We had two companies come out before and where not able to tell us what we were dealing with. Told us it might be bed bugs or mites and that we should get rid of our mattress. We had another company come out and they didn’t find anything, but told us they thought it was bed bugs and that they could take care of it. They charged us $400.00 they sprayed our house and we continued to have problems after. After doing our research, I know more about bed bugs than I ever wanted to know, we found Round The Clock Pest Control. Robert came out with the dog to do their inspection, I was a little skeptical at first but when I saw the dog in action it was incredible. The dog pointed on my son’s crib and his toy chest, he pointed on my bed, dresser and night stands. After the dog did his thing Robert put him away and came back to review the spots that dog had pointed out. Robert showed us what we had been dealing with for months. We had bed bugs. They were hiding in the hinges of my son’s toy chest on the springs of his crib and on the legs of one of our night stands; they were also in the inside of our box spring. They treated our house three days later and then came back a week later with the dog to re-inspect our home. Glad to say we have been bite free for two months now. I highly recommended This Company they were great, friendly and sympathetic to our problem. Thank you Round the Clock Pest Control, Robert, and Toby for finally getting rid of our bed bugs.
— John G., Los Angeles, Ca

I needed help and got it fast. Robert is a knowledgeable and understanding guy. He made sure that he did a great job. I would highly recommend him. I agree with n r. he explains everything in detail. And brought Peace of Mind which is priceless. 
— Pierce C., West Hollywood, Ca

Finding out you have bed bugs is a true nightmare! But, luckily the handsome prince and his dog Toby came to my rescue, and I am now bed bug free! Seriously, Round the Clock Pest Control was the only company that offered thermapure heat, insecticide back up and canine inspection. It was expensive, but it worked. I highly recommend Round the Clock Pest Control for all pest problems. You will find Robert, the owner, is honest. When I first called him, he said: “Don’t be so sure you have bed bugs until we inspect your apartment.” Other companies just said: “Yes, we’ll inspect and then treat the same day.” The preparation for bed bug treatment is immense, so I think these other companies just come and treat, without really knowing if there are bed bugs.” Robert wanted to be sure, before I went through the preparations. I did research, and canine inspection is 97% accurate, whereas human inspection around 33%. And with heat, the preparations are much less than with insecticide alone. And with the heat, you only need one treatment. With insecticides, you need multiple treatments. Thank you, RTC!
— Paulette K., Los Angeles, Ca


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