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Are you concerned that you may have bed bugs in your home or at your place of business? Contrary to
popular perception, sanitation is not a factor is whether your residence is susceptible to a bed bug
infestation. Bed bugs can be transferred in clothing, boxes, furniture and luggage, and typically establish
themselves in carpet or somewhere in or on your bed. They feed on human blood and carry a number of
disease causing bacteria, but there’s no evidence yet that they transmit disease among humans. You
can’t prevent them from coming in to your home, but early detection can help you get rid of them
before they get settled in.

San Francisco Bed Bug Detection and Elimination Experts—Since 2003

At Round The Clock Pest Control, we bring more than a dozen years of pest control experience to
individuals and businesses in San Francisco and across California. We’re a family-owned business with a
commitment to results, and we’ll work closely with you throughout the process to make certain your
needs are met and your problems resolved. We have extensive experience helping homeowners and
businesses deal with all types of pest control, including bed bugs.

Our San Francisco Pest Control Business

Because we pay close attention to pest control issues across the state and around the world, we’ve been
preparing for an outbreak of bed bugs for a number of years. As a result, we’ve put a number of
measures in place that allow us to rapidly respond to your concerns and take steps to eliminate any

  •  Our technicians have been thoroughly trained on all effective and cutting edge procedures for

detecting and remediating any type of bed bug problem.

  •  We also have a number of NESDCA certified bed bug sniffing dogs as part of our team, and can

help you quickly determine whether there’s a problem, so that you can address it before it gets
out of hand. In our experience, bed bug sniffing dogs are accurate more than 90% of the time,
whereas even our best technicians are accurate less than half the time.

  •  We employ a “seek and treat” method, aggressively looking for bed bugs, rather than an

approach that simply calls for spraying of everything.

  • We employ thermal heat treatments to rid your home of office of bed bugs. This process is chemical free, using an 8 heater system from a special truck to drive bed bugs from your

residence or place of business.

Contact the Professional Bed Bug Specialists at Round the Clock Pest Control

At Round the Clock, we provide pest control services in a number of California communities, from Los
Angeles to San Diego to San Francisco. Send us an e-mail or call our office toll-free at 1-877-896-7378
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