Termites Control & Termite Inspection in Los Angeles County

Termites are around the size of an ant and have been known to build towers, hollow trees, move soil and destroy houses. Termites are white in color and slower and fatter than ants. Termites generally inhabit dark nests and tunnels and feed on dead plant material, such as wood and soil. They live in colonies that can have several hundred to several million termites living
in the nest.


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Damage Caused By Termites

Termites can cause major structural damage to buildings, crops and anything that’s wood.
They can go undetected for years, consuming the wood fibers without no one noticing until the structure is too severely damaged.
Termites feed on materials, such as wood and cloth, yet they do not digest it. Rather
they use most of their intake to build their colony nests and to protect themselves from
sunlight and rain. Termites usually build their nests in the walls of houses, as there is a large
amount of food nearby for them.
Termites can infest almost every part of your home, including your backyard. They enter
your house through a small crack or opening in the wood and they never stop eating since
they work 24 hours a day.

Termites Pest Control and Extermination

There is no guarantee that after termite treatments the termites will not return to continue to feed on your wood structure. There are four types of Termite Control and Management: Physical. Biological, Cultural and Chemical