Bird Removal Services

Round The Clock Pest Control Bird Management Services

Round The Clock Pest Controls bird removal and management services are the ideal solution for removing and preventing wild birds in and around commercial facilities. Wild birds can detract from the professional company image you are trying to convey, cause costly repairs and pose a serious health risk to your employees and customers.

  • Company Image – Birds on your building’s ledges or signs as well as dropping covering your sidewalk is not the way to welcome your customers.
  • Costly Cleanup – Having to clean up after pigeons and other wild birds on a daily or weekly basis is time consuming and costly.
  • Health Risk – Bird droppings and nesting material can carry over 60 different diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals.
  • Property Damage – Clogged drains from bird droppings and nesting materials are annoying and can result in damage during heavy rains.
  • Inventory Damage – Bird droppings can damage products and contaminate production lines.

Effective Bird Control For Commercial Facilities

Our bird removal services are customizable and include physical deterrents such as bird nets, bird wire, bird jolt systems, bird spikes and bird spiders to repel birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings from your business. All our bird management techniques are highly effective yet safe for wild birds and are only designed to discourage them from nesting in your building not cause them any harm.

At Round The Clock we strive to bring the best bird control program to businesses including supermarkets and grocers, food manufacturing plants and retail facilities. Our bird control professionals are highly trained and will employ an integrated bird management system to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our detailed bird management services include:

  • Detailed Site Evaluation
  • Bird Assessment
  • Sketching the “problem area”
  • Comprehensive Treatment Using Multiple Bird Repelling Techniques
  • Bird Dropping Removal
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting


Don’t let wild birds take over you business or commercial facilities. Contact us today for a free quote