Round the Clock has been anticipating the highly increased outbreak of bed bugs for a few years now, and we have been able to develope an effective and aggresive bed bug treatment to eradicate bed bugs where they hide.

For that reason, Round The Clock Pest Control utilizes highly trained, Bed Bug detection Canines.These specially Trained Canines can detect Bed Bugs when humans cannot, and with greater efficiency.

Did you know that Bed bug dogs are over 90% accurate, and that the accuracy of a human technician finding a bed bug infestation is approximately 30%, that leaves a 70% chance that a clean room is actually invested.

With the use of our Certified Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs and our aggressive treatment methods. Our Seek and Treat programs are much more effective, as opposed to a “spray and Pray” Methodolgy, affected areas can therefore be treated before infestations spread from room-to-room.