Regular sweeps for bed bugs by Round The Clocks trained, and certified bed bug canine team will greatly decrease the risk of population and insure that the infestation will be found early. Pro active inspections exhibit your due diligence in preventing bed bugs with in your establishment and if needed you will have documentation to avoid negative publicity and litigation.

Cutting -Edge Technology

Canines have been used successfully for years as bomb dogs, drug dogs, and arson dogs. Now mans best friend is the latest weapon in the war on bed bugs. Certified bed bug dogs generate quicker and more accurate results. Dogs are extremely good at discriminating a target vapor, from non-target vapors that are present, even at relatively high concentrations on non-target odors. A dogs nose can detect scent particles in parts per trillion; that’s a million times more sensitive than a human!

Cost Effective

Traditional bed bug detection methods can be very time consuming and labor intensive. Bed bug detection dogs generate quicker and more accurate results which lead to lower remediation costs. The bed bug canine can search the average hotel room in less than 2 minutes with over 90% accuracy. Often people needlessly discard furniture and belongings for fear they may be harboring bed bugs, or treat an “entire” home without truly knowing where the bugs are hiding.

Peace Of Mind

Research supports that if a dog alerts, there is a high statistical probability that bed bugs are present. The accuracy of a human technician finding a bed bug infestation is approximately 30%, that leaves a 70% chance that a “clean room” is actually infested. If the dog does not alert you can know with greater certainty that you are bed bug free. A canine is the most accurate method of detecting bed bugs available today.