Round The Clock Pest Control would like to introduce the first truck of its kind in California, and is using a unique electric heat process referred to as Thermal Remediation ® or bed bugs heat treatment, for the complete elimination of bed bugs. Heat is an innovative, eco-friendly and extremely effective approach on the ongoing battle against bed bug infestations.


Round The Clock Pest Control’s newest weapon on the war on Bed Bugs. This box truck was custom made by Thermal Remediation Temp Air to haul and power the heaters needed to take care of all your bed bug needs.

Round The Clock Pest Control’s Box Truck is ideal for the heat treatment of bed bugs in single family homes and multiple apartments, hotel rooms, and dorm rooms at one time. This 8-heater system can typically treat up to 2800 sq. ft. based on 6-8 hour treatment times.Treatment strategies do allow for larger settings.

A chemical-free option is now available to eliminate bedbugs, Round The Clock Pest Controls bed bug heat treatments use increased temperatures to eradicate bed bugs. All of our Technicians are well trained in the process of using heat to eradicate bed bugs, and can handle any size bed bug problem you may have.


Why Heat treatment works best to kill bed bugs:

Heat Treatment

Conventional Treatment

Almost 100% Effective at eliminating all bed bugs. Very limited effectiveness.
Kills adults, nymphs and eggs. Kills adults and nymphs, does not kill eggs.
One treatment required. Multiple treatments.
Very minimal preparation. Treatment can be focused or tailored to a specific area. Extensive preparation.
Room returned to normal use within hours. Room out of service for days or even weeks.
Non-chemical, no toxic fumes and no residue. Our heat process is safe and does not involve open flames or propane. Intensive application.
Kills Bed Bugs inside mattresses and box springs. Often requires replacement of furniture or numerous and extensive treatments to restore.


Why Use Heat?

t2The Temp Air Bedbug Heat System is a proven method to get rid of bedbug infestations. If you’re a homeowner, property or hotel manager, or anyone involved in dealing with bedbug problems where your current treatment methods are just not eliminating the bedbugs, then you are a perfect candidate for a heat treatment. Heat treatments are usually effective in one application. Heat has the ability to kill bedbugs within seconds once exposed to temperatures in excess of 120 F. The benefits of using Round The Clock Pest Controls heat treatment process:

  • Less use of pesticides
  • Control of bedbugs within a room or unit
  • The ability to resolve problematic units
  • The ability to kill pesticide – resistant bedbugs
  • Complete bedbug elimination of all stages of bedbugs life, including eggs, nymphs and adults – therefore, in most cases, requiring only one treatment, and less disruption to occupants
  • The ability for heat to find all bedbug hiding spots that cannot be accessed by other treatment methods, such as pesticides on their own, steam, vacuum or Cryonite
  • The ability to kill bedbugs that hide in sensitive items, such as electronic equipment such as, (TV’s, computers and stereos), delicate fabrics or furniture that pesticides or steam cannot treat as it may damage these items
  • A greener, more sustainable approach to bedbug eradication.

Our Equipment

The Thermal Remediation® equipment Round The Clock Pest Control uses, targets temperatures during the treatment process to be between 120-140°F. These are the temperatures necessary for heat to penetrate bed bug harbor age areas. This safe, effective, and environmentally friendly process uses dry heat to kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs, while reducing the application of pesticides.


Our equipment is designed specifically for the application of heat to kill bed bugs; our highly effective process relies on three main keys to a successful treatment.

How Does The Heat Treatment Work?

t4There are three keys to a successful heat treatment:

  1. Bring Heat.
  2. Monitor.
  3. Move Air.


1. Bring The Heat

t5Our electric heaters provide a sustainable approach to killing all stages of the bedbug life cycle. Our heaters:

  • Electric Bed bug Heaters are placed within the space, introducing and recirculating heated air to achieve lethal temperatures.
  • Provide safe heat distribution, as they are regulated not exceed 140 F
  • Increase room temperature at a slow and even rate, attracting bedbugs towards the heat source, thus preventing them from dispersing into neighboring rooms
  • Increase room temperature at a slow and even rate, preventing damage to furniture, drywall and other items in the room that other heat systems have been known to do
  • Are permitted to be used in any building, as they are not propane or kerosene powered
  • Are powered by a generator that is parked outside your building in a sound insulated truck.
  • Are capable of reaching suites in buildings 25 stories in height

2. Monitor

t6The effectiveness of our heat treatment is monitored by dozens of wireless temperature sensors, which transmit temperature data back to a remote computer terminal to insure we reach lethal temperatures without damaging the space and its contents. Ensuring that all areas or “zones” within a room, including furniture, closets, box springs and any other potential bedbug hiding places are brought up to lethal temperatures of at least120F Ensures temperatures never exceed 140F Allows us to record all temperature data inreal time intervals for all zones within a room for continual and post evaluation reporting for our technicians, supervisors and clients.

3. Move Air

t7Once we have achieved lethal temperature to kill bedbugs. The heat needs to be moved around, similar to a convention oven. In order to distribute the heat into all the hiding spots where bed bugs may be harboring, we use high temperature fans to create a vortex of heated air throughout the bedbug infested space, ensuring it gets into all cracks and crevices and high infestation zones. With the gradual elevation of the temperatures we can maximize our chances of success for complete bedbug elimination.

Post Treatment

To further monitor our results, we will provide a follow-up K-9 inspection using one of our NESDCA certified K-9 inspection teams, within 3-5 days after the treatment. A full report of our findings, including treatment and inspection reports, will be submitted to the homeowner, property or hotel/motel manager for their records. This controlled source of heat is more efficient, effective, and safer than any other heat options on the market.

The Dangers of using direct fire propane heaters: