Why the Round The Clock Pest Control K-9 Inspecting Team vs. all others?

Our Bed Bug Detection Canine program comes from over 15 years of research and development and has been clinically tested and proven to be 98% accurate by the University Of Florida.

For the past few years, Round the Clock has been anticipating the potentially high risk of bed bug outbreaks, and thanks to our skilled Bed Bug Detection Canine Teams we are able to identify and confirm infestations, and provide preventative measures. Our aggressive and effective bed bug treatments eradicate them from the source.

We understand the frustration involved in finding a reliable company, but we can be an efficient and integral part of your current pest control management program. With regularly scheduled and thoroughly documented K-9 inspections, we can reduce your exposure to bed bug infestation and potential legal action. Early detection is the best method of prevention, and if there is a problem our K-9 Team will sniff it out! Accuracy guaranteed!

  Round The Clock Pest Control also follows The NPMA’s Bed Bugs Best Management Practices guidlines. Click on the link below for more information.

All of our Bed Bug Detection Canines are NESDCA certified.


What is NESDCA?

NESDCA stands for the (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) and is a third party certifying organization assuring the highest quality standards for Scent Detection Canines. NESDCA was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for only Entomology Scent Detection Canines.

NESDCA is Committed, to improving the image of Entomology Scent Detecting Canine teams

NESDCA is also committed to Educating, the consumers about the benefits of using properly trained Entomology Scent Detection Dog Teams, in the process of locating and eradicating pest problems.

NESDCA evaluation process sets the highest standards by which Bed Bug Detection Canines Teams are held.


Before you hire just anyone, or any dog, to detect your bed bugs for you, do your research!!!

Ask for documentation of any claims made by a bed bug detection company. Also check that they are a licensed Pest Control Company in the state of California.

In the State of California you are required to be licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board to identify any type of pest or to sell any type of pest control service.  For more information and to look up a license please visit www.pestboard.ca.gov

Demand that the bed bug detection team you hire is accredited with NESDCA to ensure accuracy and reliability. For more information please visit www.jkk9.com and www.NESDCA.com


Constant training, immediate detection, and on-the-job discretion

  • To provide the highest quality of service our experienced staff and Our Bed Bug Detection Canine Teams are, professionally trained and NESDCA certified.
  • Our Bed Bug Detection teams go through a rigorous training schedule daily, to only find LIVE Bed Bugs and Viable Eggs.
  • Our Handlers work with our Bed Bug Detection Canines at our state of the art training facility to insure maximum detection and are tested daily for accuracy. Live Bed Bugs are placed in sealed vials and are hidden in beds, couches, and other typical breeding spots where bed bugs can hide.
  • Our Handlers work closely with our Bed Bug Detection Canine’s to ensure a comfort level between the dog and handler, so they can work efficiently together while doing Bed Bug inspections.
  • Our Handlers are trained to efficiently understand canine behavior and have the knowledge and experience to identify and treat even the worst bed bug Infestation.
  • These are professionally trained Bed Bug Detection dogs, and will be quite and discreet during inspections. When alerting to a potential problem, they are commanded to alert with their nose or paw. They do not bark or display invasive behavior. We understand the importance of discretion, privacy is our policy.
  • Once the dogs identify an infestation, we perform a visual inspection to verify their findings and access the options for eradication. We will make recommendations based on the type facility. For example, for multi-unit properties the recommendation would be to vacate the infested unit, and have the surrounding units available for examination. All alerts will be documented.

The K-9 Inspecting Team is an integral component of the Round the Clock Pest Control Inc., which has been successfully operating for almost ten years in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout the Southland. Pest Control done right!!!

Where other pest control companies have failed, we get it right the first time!!!!  WE ARE A LICENSED, BONDED, AND INSURED!