Round The Clock offers service programs from our K-9 bed bug inspection division to effectively identify an infestation and offer consultations on remediation.


Potential clients may request a option “A”, which is a “one-time” inspection with one of our trained and certified K-9s, if they suspect a bed bug infestation in their residence. The purpose of the sweep is to verify the infestation and identify the source. This service is also available for commercial buildings looking to do a standard sweep as a preventative measure or for confirmation in an emergency situation. Standard rates apply depending on the type of structure.


The option “B” K9 and handler inspection program is ideal for clients with commercial facilities (ie. Hotels), who wish to employ K-9 bed bug inspections – as a preventative measure – without needing a written contractual obligation. The program is customized to a facility’s particular needs, whether it is a standard sweep or a more comprehensive inspection. Rates for this type of customized program vary depending on the agreed upon services, which can include hourly rates or per room rates. This allows clients the flexibility to choose their best financial option. Special rates for option “A” K9 and handler inspection program are included in this service.


The option “C” K9 and handler inspection program is recommended for clients with commercial facilities (ie. Hotels), who wish to incorporate our K-9 bed bug inspection services with their existing pest management program. This service does require a written contractual commitment, which includes regular “K9 and handler inspection” of the facility. Round the Clock guarantees a 48-hour response time for any emergency situations, and will keep an onsite log book documenting all service activity at the facility. Our clients will be able to communicate with us 24 hours a day and have access to all our resources. Rates for this program are billed out as a per-room charge, and emergency option “A” K9 and handler inspection program are done at a reduced rate.


Clients taking advantage of option “D” K9 and hadler inspection program will have the full-services rendered by Round the Clock’s K-9 bed bug inspection division. With our written contractual commitment, facilities will be inspected and protected from the threat of bed bug infestation. In addition to our regular inspection services and consultations for remediation, Round The Clock Pest Control will offer annual on-site Bed Bug training seminars for staff members. The best line defense is information. Our clients will have internet access to our comprehensive documentation process, which includes bar code scanning as part of our reporting technology. These reports can be used in potential bed bug litigation cases. As our most valued clients. Round the Clock guarantees a 24-hour response time in emergency situations, and offers clients the ability to check and pay billing online. Rates are billed out as a per room charge and includes a set up fee for the reporting system. Option “A” K9 and hadler inspection program are conducted at reduced rates.