The hospitality industry is one of the biggest sectors we cater to because of the transient nature of bed bugs. With guest coming from all parts of the world, the possibilities for bed bug infestation become greater and have been found in even the best five star hotels. Bed bugs are nondiscriminatory, and have been found everywhere from luxury resorts to extended stay motels. This has resulted in numerous litigation procedures for the hospitality industry. We are here to make sure you establishment maintains its sense of excellence in service that your customers come to expect. Round the Clock Pest Control will create your personalized inspection program to best suit your needs at reasonable price. By utilizing our K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Team you are taking preventative measures in order to keep the risk of infestation down. If a problem should arise, our team will verify it, locate the source, and give solutions to eradicate the problem. As always, discretion is our policy. Your property and your brand is your most precious asset, and must be protected! Round The Clock Pest Control can work in collaboration with your pest elimination company. We are here to serve you!


Round the Clock Pest Control is readily available to provide its services to property management/real estate agents. Unfortunately, many residential multi-unit buildings and private homes have found themselves in the midst of the bed bug epidemic. This is your chance to ensure your buyers and tenants will have a pest free environment. Our Bed Bug detecting K-9 team can “alert” you to the presence of Bed Bugs with over 90% accuracy. These types of pro-active measures protect both you and your clients. We offer accurate written documentation of our findings, which offers a piece of mind that the unit or residence has been adequately inspected. If our K-9 team does alert us to the presence of bed bugs, we will confirm it and offer solutions for eradication. Let us help you keep a good business standing with your clients and your community.


Round the Clock Pest Control works in collaboration with fellow pest elimination companies throughout Southern California. The beg bug epidemic has become a bigger problem than any one company can handle on its own. By teaming up with Round the Clock Pest Control and incorporating our effective K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Team, your company will see greater results in efficiency among your staff, and greatly contribute to your profit margin by offering a complete bed bug control program. Let’s work together!


Health care facilities are a top priority in prevention and protection from bed bugs. Bed Bug activity in health care facilities – particularly catering to the elderly and young children – can compromise the health and welfare of its patients. Our K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Team offers a discreet and clean customized program to locate and verify potential infestations. We will provide methods for eradication to effectively sterilize these sensitive areas, so your patients may have a safe and swift recovery. Our team offers over a 90% accuracy rating in locating bed bug infestations, so if a problem exists we will find it.


Dorms/Barracks have quickly become a hot breeding ground for bed bug infestations. Much like the hospitality industry, educational facilities have students coming from varying living conditions all over the world. New students are also arriving on an annual basis, and since bed bugs are transient in nature the constant influx increases the chances of infestation. However, there is no need to worry with Round the Clock’s K-9 Bed Bug Inspection team on the job. Our Standard Sweep, which can be done at any time throughout the year, is a “one-time” inspection with one of our trained and certified K-9s. If the dogs alert their handlers to a problem, we will verify it and offer solutions for eradication. We will keep your facilities pest free and sanitary for your students!


Of course, the main area of concern for bed bug infestation is in your private home. If you have been away on vacation, bought refurbished furniture, or visited an area with suspected bed bug activity, you may have unknowingly brought bed bugs into your home. This is not a sign of a lack of cleanliness. The transient nature of bed bugs is what allows for this to happen. If you suspect bed bugs in your home, our K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Team will find it. Even if you have had problems in the past and have had no results, we will succeed where others have failed. We get it right the first time with over 90% accuracy. We will give you a detailed account of our findings, and help you with solutions to the problem. We will inspect, identify, coordinate a treatment plan, and provide information on preventing future infestations. We are available 24 hours a day, and deliver fast, effective service to Southern California and its surrounding areas. Contact Round The Clock Pest Control Today!!!