Robert Gallo started the company in 2003 with a philosophy towards pest control, to find the source of the problem and treat the problem at its root source.  Round The Clock Pest Control strives towards complete elimination of a customer’s problem by a two-step process of proper diagnostics followed by the appropriate solution for the specific problem; that is, addressing the problem at its root source.  This approach lets customers experience a fully pest-free condition, rather than be required to accept a certain level of tolerance of the pest problem.  Round The Clock Pest Control believes that it can achieve this goal with any account that we service. Exterminating companies are not all equal. Our reputation as Pest Control Experts was developed with years of dedication to the same commitment, providing effective pest solutions.  We place the utmost importance on our reputation, so we strive to deliver what we promise-And we guarantee our work! Our approach to Pest Control is TOTAL ELIMINATION.  We value our customers, so we try not to build up needless monthly visits that never truly address the problem. Typically we can eliminate your pest-problem in 1-3 visits.  Why pay for pest control if you still have to accept some level of tolerance of a pest problem? If your problem involves a more involved solution, we will let you know your option as in the case of Rat Exclusion Work. So,  whether your needs are for Rats, Bees, Bed Bugs, or any pest problem, – whether it’s Commercial or Residential- call the experts at Round The Clock Pest Control.